I'm a German based wedding photographer but find myself in other places around the world more often than not. I am most inspired by my surroundings and this incredible world that was created for us. I love to climb mountains, dip into icy lakes, fly 10 hours to fulfill that wanderlust-ache, and third wheel with you if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Minimalism and simplicity are key to me. I don't need a lot to be happy and living life out of a backpack has been my lifestyle for over 15 months. If I am not outside you can find me on my couch playing my guitar or drinking good coffee while watching David Attenborough on Netflix.

My goal is to forever run away from this dang comfort zone, take life as it comes, make the best out of everything, appreciate the small things and honour the one who created all of this.

I’m blessed to be living my dream and travelling the world while capturing the best days of your lives. To meet people from different countries and cultures and celebrate together is such a pleasure to me. I shoot unconventional, nontraditional weddings and love it when couples don’t care about meeting someone elses expectations and just do it in their own unique way!